Saturday, December 7, 2013


Hey peoples! Since I purchased my Canon t3i this summer I have learned that photography is NOT EASY! I must say, I used to think it was...or well...I guess I never really thought in depth about it.  One thing about me is I love learning things on my own, I feel so empowered when I do! Learning so much about photography is a longggggggg process, but hey, at least I'm learning!  I said all that to say that I took these (unedited) shots and whilst I like the outcome I'm still trying to figure out how to tighten the frame without "littling" the image?, if that makes any sense lol.  These were shot in what appears to be the woods, but it is not. In fact it's my wilderness of a backyard lol (I was tiring of the brick wall).  I just wish I could figure out  damned manual mode using a remote shutter (that is daunting) but until then...This is what I wore today!

 The fur collar I detached from a thrifted jacket and livened up this chambray dress.  The dress is from Old Navy and was oversized, so I used a thrifted brooch to cinch it some.  The suede boots are old from Nine West and the earrings and bracelet were thrifted as well.
Cute doggy not included